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Nintex Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

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I've put together some of the common licensing questions we see in the community.


How do I find my licensing information?

This post Nintex Licensing Information​ shows you two ways of accessing your licensing information; either through the designer, or through SharePoint Central Administration.


How do I import a new license for Nintex Workflow or Nintex Forms?

There may be times when you need to update your product license. This document shows you how to do just that Importing a license / Adding new servers.


What happens if I'm adding new servers to my farm?

If you're adding new servers to your farm, please request a license update from the Nintex Licensing team ( incorporating the new server name, and then import the license as described in this post Importing a license / Adding new servers.​​


What is the difference between Registered (Enterprise) and Development (Enterprise) license type?

A Registered (Enterprise) license is the Production license. A Development (Enterprise) license is the Development/Test/Stage/QA license.


Does a production license expire?

A production license does not expire, even if the Software Assurance on the license has expired. However, without current Software Assurance, you will not be able to update to the latest Nintex software, or receive Technical Support.


Development licenses are tied to Software Assurance, and do expire. If your Software Assurance expires on your development license that license will no longer function.


What is Software Assurance?

Nintex Software Assurance provides email and live support via chat to assist with installation, configuration and technical troubleshooting. One non-production license is included in each production license purchased as part of your valid Software Assurance.



How do we migrate, and what does Nintex offer?

All active Software Assurance customers are entitled to version migrations (e.g. Nintex Workflow 2010 to 2013). Version migrations include Development licenses at no additional cost as long as the Software Assurance contract remains valid throughout the migration, for up to 12 months.


Once the new version environment is complete on the development server, a 15 day temporary production license will be issused to complete the migration process. All migrations requesting to run parallel production environments will be required to purchase additional production licenses. Before you migrate please see Migrating/ Upgrading - What you need to know



I've updated my server with the new license, but my site still shows the "Expired" red message

One of our members had this problem, and posted his solution here Updating Licenses. ​An ISS Reset was required.

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Nintex Newbie

Hi Emily

If I create a Nintex workflow and save it can I use the Workflow on other lists and does it use 1 license or a license for every list it is connected to?