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Nintex Forms 365 SQL Information from a Customer

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This is open for everyone, and anyone to answer.


  1. I want to search for a specific item, and that should bring all possible matching items as dropdown list that a user can select.


  1. Based on item, the item name, customer name, customer number all should automatically be displayed.


Answer for Questions 1 & 2

For question one / two, you will need to use jQuery to modify the control to incorporate the type-ahead functionality. From there you can use the calculated value controls, using the list lookup runtime function to populate the rest of the data. The links below will provide some context around potential ways to incorporate this functionality.



  1. The same needs to work for the requestor's name. Based on requestor's search selection, it should show their title, phone etc.


Answer to Question 3

The userprofile runtime function can be used (currently only available in on-prem) to populate the data using calculated value controls in a similar method described above with lookups.  If they are on O365, this functionality is on the roadmap, but has not been built at this stage.  


  1. I would like also like to enhance our Leave Request form. Our IT Department calendar, we update frequently, so we can  keep the department up to date on whose working remotely, travelling, on PTO, sick, working shift, attending conferences etc.


Answer to Question 4

How to Create a Leave Request Workflow in 365

Task Escalation Comes to Office 365

Remember those days when you have an automated business process and it sits there waiting for someone to do something or approve a task and they just won't?  Those days are over.  Task Escalation has made it to Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

How to configure, escalate, and auto-complete options in 365


Adding Vacation or Sick Time Hours

Answering it depends on how you are capturing their hours.  If they are creating a new item for each type of time such as vacation time, sick time etc. then you would need to query the list, grab all the items and calculate those.


If they are creating one item and then inputting multiple hours such as one would with a time sheet, then a calculated column or two should handle this. 


The goal is to know the structure of the data.  If linear, meaning contained in one item, you can use a calculated column or workflow running on that item to do the trick. If non-linear, meaning the data is contained in multiple calendar items and different columns, then a list/site workflow would need to run to do this.


Booking a computer in a training room

The training will happen at one of our training centres at 2 of the training rooms. They are Training room 3 and 4 and there are 16 computers per training room.  There are also 2 sessions for each day with the possibility of adding a third session.   They want HR to be able to book the people for these sessions per computer but they should also not be able to delete each other's bookings.   They want to see this in a calendar view and he wanted the solution later the afternoon...(+- 3 hours later)


All of the below are great resources for more information on building Nintex workflows and forms.:

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How do I query SQL data in Nintex forms using O365? Please advise. I have an immediate need.