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My first impression

Nintex Newbie
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Installation process:

No Problems at all. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


We are used to that.

Had to activate all workflow Actions. They all were disabled first.

There won't be a Workgroup Edition I heard. Is it still necessary to activate the site Feature then?

New Action design:

Fancy look

I am glad you did not rename them so I still find them using the search box.

Will there be one design for the same Actions across all platforms? (<SP2016, SP2016, O365)



I am glad, Nintex Forms and Workflow Webparts still will be available. Nice!


Good, stable, solid Impression so far. Good Job!

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Nintex Newbie

Hey Raphael Bachmann​, this is from the UX team, and is there current stance and may change

"For 2016, there will be a new look and feel with regard to the iconography throughout the entire product. This includes the actions as were released in the beta, and all the ribbon icons that will be available in the final release. We have updated all the old 2010 style icons to have a more modern simplified feel, with the aim of utilising these across NW/NF2016, NW/NF365 and NWC in due course. "

So to answer your question, yes, the aim is to have similar icons and names between the products.