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Missing Workflow Status Column - Nintex Workflow

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Applies to Nintex Workflow 2010 Nintex Workflow 2013


If you have a list where a new workflow does not create a status column while another list does.


In most cases this is a setting for your Web Application for List View Lookup Threshold.  By default in SharePoint it is set to 8, so if you have more than 8 lookup type columns such as (Person/Group, Workflow Status or Managed Metadata), then if you add any other lookup will not show up on your list view.  However, you can change this default to accommodate higher number of lookup columns for your lists in Central Administration.


When you change this setting to more than 8, on the SQL side it goes from a record lock to a table lock (processing more than 8 joins in a single transaction).

This can have a major impact on the farm especially if the list is being viewed by multiple users because the tables in the SP content database are being locked during the time the page is being loaded. While the table(s) are locked, no one else can use them until the previous transaction has been completed. This means that when user 2-3-4-5 goes to view the list they will see the “Working on it” spinning wheel until the page has been loaded by the previous user.

Please consider the impacts this will introduce before changing any settings on Web Applications.

To see the current List View Lookup Threshold value, go to Central Administration > Manage Web Applications, click on your web application and select Resource Throttling from the General Settings ribbon drop down:

The default List View Lookup Threshold is set to 8.

Here you can adjust to a value that suits your needs, be aware there are reasons for limiting Lookup columns and caution should be used when changing these settings.

WARNING!!! This is not recommended as a solution, only if absolutely a must.  See: