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Customer Questions - Insurance Sector on Nintex Forms

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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As a current Nintex Account Manager for the East Coast, I receive a lot of customer questions, because I am the first line of defense for a lot of their concerns.

Our Support team handles the majority of the issues, but for the rare few that are not support related, I do my best to leverage the resources I have around me to answer their questions.

This blog post below is in regards to the functionality of our current Forms product, and it's differences to InfoPath, as asked by a customer in the insurance industry.

  1. Nintex does not seem to support multiple views to view the same fields in different arrangements. To implement it in Nintex, we need to create hidden sections using panel controls or tabs. I am not sure if that type of implementation method can create long delays when loading forms with large number of controls and rules into a single view.
    1. Not necessarily, it depends on the number of controls. Make sure to test your Form before you put anything into production. 
    2. Best Practices -
  2. Nintex does not seem to support the Set Field Values within rules.  It would be good if we could set a fields value based on rule conditions, similar to how it is done in InfoPath.
    1. Set Field Value Rules are not available out of the box today, but it is a planned featured product we have been working on. For now, you can provide your Forms with a custom JavaScript solution that provides you with the functionality you are looking.
    2. JavaScript events in Nintex Forms:
  3. It does not seem to support SharePoint web-form libraries, similar to InfoPath. I heard that the form library needs to be created in the custom list it will reside in.
    1. Nintex Forms does not require a forms library. Nintex Forms binds to content types, lists, and libraries.
  4. It does not seem to support populating SharePoint calculated formula columns or system fields into the Nintex designer view, although they can be re-created within the Nintex form designer.
    1. Similar to question 2. Please see the JavaScript events link posted above.
  5. I do not see a Form Load event to load rules, similar to the one in InfoPath. Same for form unloading events when submitting a form.
    1. That is correct. Nintex Forms does require the use of the Nintex Forms control formula's and must be used instead of SharePoint column formulas.
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Automation Master
Automation Master

Good post, in response to #1 I would  also add this:

1)  Multiple forms can be created on a single list through the use of Content Types; each of which can have a Nintex form unique to it.   This will allow you t o create multiple arrangements of the controls across different Content Type forms.