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Best Practices for Reusable Workflow Templates

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Products: Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (2016, 2013, 2010)

Avoid “All” and “Item” Content Types

To prevent lengthy content type evaluation when saving or publishing reusable workflow templates, avoid selecting “All” or “Item” for the content type. Instead, create a content type based on Item and then select the created content type when defining the reusable workflow template.

For instructions on creating content types, refer to the SharePoint documentation.

More Information

For more information about reusable workflow templates, see “Set Title and Description for Reusable Workflow Template” in the Nintex Workflow Help (2016 | 2013 | 2010).

For more information about the evaluation process that Nintex Workflow uses for content types, see the following MSDN article:

Nintex Newbie

Hi Pamela,

Unfortunately I am not sure what do you mean by the below phrase. Is it possible that you elaborate a little bit more about what the difference between these two methods is?

Thanks and best regards,


Avoid selecting “All” or “Item” for the content type. Instead, create a content type based on Item and then select the created content type when defining the reusable workflow template

Automation Master
Automation Master

I think she is suggesting that you create your own Content Type to run your reusable workflow against, rather than using the base content types that are used all over the farm, which can result in slow processing times when publishing.

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Hi Ruben, like Ryan suggests, creating your own content type improves processing times. For more information, see the product help. Here's a link to a search of the Nintex for SharePoint 2016 help:

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Thanks! makes sense to me now

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Hi Pamela,

Can I start a reusable workflow, inside another reusable workflow, using the activity "start workflow" ? The reusable workflow does not appears on the options, is there another way to do that?

Nintex Newbie

Hi Fernando,

The workflow action Start workflow can be used to start any workflow that is available within the given context (list or site). If you don't see the workflow, add the template to the list, library, or content type by selecting Workflow Settings on the related SharePoint settings page. For instructions, see the help.

Please let us know if you still have questions!



Nintex Newbie

Hello Pamela,

I have the same question as FERNANDO MASSARIOL‌ and i follow the instructions you gave but the workflow not appears in the option list of the action Start Workflow.

Nintex Newbie

Hello Michael, Hello Pamela,

did you find a way around this? I am having the same issue. I am cutting my reusable workflow to few pieces to avoid efficiency problems, and am unable to use "Start Workflow" action to trigger the next part of the workflow from the first reusable workflow triggered by creating a element with specific content type. I am able to start each part for the element from the "Workflows"-Menu. 

Thanks for the support!