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Alternative for "Copy to SharePoint" in Site workflows

Nintex Newbie
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Alternative for "Copy to SharePoint" in Site workflows

If you have a requirement where you need the "Copy to SharePoint" action on a Site Workflow, you could do the following

  • Create a new list named "Schedule Movement" with a column named "Year" and a column named "Month"
  • Then write you workflow (staring on new items) using the "Copy to Sharepoint" Action.
  • Then Schedule a Site Workflow adding a new item on the list "Schedule Movement"
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Automation Master
Automation Master

hey Fernando, Sounds promising, but I don't understand the situation. Can you give more examples? If an item is created in the Schedule Movement with a year and month, if it doesn't have any documents in it or attachments, I'm not sure what the Copy to SharePoint action will do.