Now Available: RPA Central 2.7.1 and Bot 17.7.0

Nintex RPA Expert
Nintex RPA Expert
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Hi, Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we’ve released Nintex RPA Central 2.7.1, a minor update to our release earlier this month, and Bot 17.7.0.

These releases bring performance and reliability enhancements so I encourage you to move to these versions as soon as you can, especially if you’ve experienced botflows getting stuck in a queued state and bots going offline.

RPA Central’s performance at the API level, which can be seen in the UI as well, is up by about 30%, while we’ve reworked the communications from Bot to Central to increase the speed as well as improve the reliability of the connection.

Also new in Bot is quicker and more reliable targeting in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (with the new extension – - that we released 2/22/22). The speed of boxing when targeting is 3x-4x faster. We’ve also introduced a new formula – CleanRegEx – that is much quicker at cleaning up unprintable characters in any given amount of text that you pass in.

Check out the release notes for more detailed information about this release.



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