Nintex Promapp - Infrastructure Upgrade 2020 FAQ

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Nintex Employee
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To support the growing number of people managing their processes using Nintex Promapp, we are upgrading the infrastructure that hosts your site.

Starting in July 2020, we will be upgrading customers to the new infrastructure, which includes a switch to Microsoft Azure as our cloud infrastructure provider.

Why are we upgrading?

We are upgrading our platform to align our security controls across the organization and provide a consistent access experience across platforms.
Also, the upgrade will provide the key benefits listed below:

  • Scale - Allowing us to scale more effectively by using more PaaS offerings.
  • Security Monitoring - Nintex security log monitoring and infrastructure scanning.
  • Shared Knowledge - Shared patterns, practices, and knowledge across the Nintex Production Operations team.
  • Access Controls - Centralized management of users through integration with Nintex corporate directory and role based access control.

What changes will I notice?

The only thing you should notice will be a small maintenance window during non-business hours as we perform the upgrade.

If you’ve whitelisted the Nintex Promapp IP addresses rather than domains, these will be updated so people may need to review following the release – See below.

When will the upgrade occur?

We will be upgrading by region starting mid-July. We should have the upgrade complete over the next month.

The exact upgrade dates for your region will be communicated closer to the upgrade.

Will there be any downtime?

We will require a small maintenance window during off business hours. The window will only last a few hours. (exact times will be communicated closer to the upgrade).

Will my data stay in the same geographic region?

We will continue to have data centers in the same geographic regions and your data will remain in the same region. It will be securely transferred from our current data centers to our new Azure data centers during the maintenance window. For each region the following Azure data centers will be used:

Do I need to do anything?

Domain Name Standardization
Clients in the AU region can currently access their sites using both the legacy domain as well as domain. With the proposed changes we will be standardizing as the domain to access sites for this region. Clients will not need to take any action as all existing links to domain will continue to work, but will be redirected to automatically.

Single Sign-on (SSO)
With the standardization of domains (as above), clients who utilize SSO and have their Identity Provider set to only allow connections to will need to add an additional connector for the domain. This will only affect clients who use SSO and currently access their tenants using the domain. Please contact if you require information on how to make this change.

IP Whitelisting
If you have any security controls in place to whitelist the IP addresses that Promapp uses, these will need to be updated.

Please note: You should not rely on the IP addresses of our current, or future as these are liable to change without notice.

What are the changes?

We are standardizing Nintex Promapp with the rest of the Nintex platform and changing to Microsoft Azure as the cloud infrastructure provider. The upgrade will allow us more control and security over our environment as we move away from Virtual Servers to a Platform as a service (PaaS).

Other benefits of the upgrade include:

Utilizing PaaS allows us to scale the web application much more quickly. Database pooling allows for a greater scale of databases allowing for growth.

Maintenance Windows
Azure allows us to utilize more ‘Platform as a Service’ resources, which reduces the need for us to monitor and oversee maintenance windows to install patches and updates. These are now taken care of by Azure without downtime.

Backups / Disaster Recovery
Moving away from servers to ‘Platform as a Service’ allows us to utilize Azure built-in backups and redundancy for data. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) are reduced significantly.

Active Directory

The Nintex Promapp production environment in Azure is tightly integrated into Nintex corporate Active Directory. This will allow centralised administration of access to the production environment for Nintex Operations employees.

Intrusion Detection and Web Application Firewall
A Monitored Web Application Firewall allows for best practice WAF in front of all public endpoints and allows for consistent TLS across all endpoints and monitoring capabilities.

Can I get more information about the change?
We have an updated Client Datasheet if your security team would like more detailed information. For more information, please contact support team at

Nintex Newbie

Will this change allow organisations to have a custom URL setup for their Promapp environment?


For example, instead of using{organisation} could we use processes.{organisation}

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Sorry for the delayed response Wesley ( @Wesso ). In answer, no unfortunately the change will not allow for customers to use their own domains or have a custom subdomain or their Promapp environment.

Nintex Newbie

Does this upgrade provide any automation ability to assign users to roles with our own active directory?

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

@Michelle3 , no this upgrade does not add any additional functionality to the product. The upgrade relates to the hosting infrastructure for Nintex Promapp and the tools used to manage this infrastructure.