New On-Demand Training for Nintex Workflow Cloud Practitioner

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We are happy to announce that in the last quarter, we released new on-demand training for Nintex Workflow Cloud. This is a popular product and to cater to our ever-growing customers’ need, we have created and released a brand-new series of courses that covers all the foundational concepts for this platform.

Wondering what’s new? Why should I take this training? How will it benefit me? We have answers to these commonly asked questions. See below:


What’s New:

The on-demand training is divided into 4 recommended courses:


Each of these courses is carefully designed keeping in mind the concepts, and topics, along with hands-on experiences to practice those skills. The courses are designed to make it engaging through interactions, media elements, and simulations, along with providing some additional handouts for quick reference. To even make it accessible, the training has voice overs that will make your learning experience richer. Do not forget the end of course feedback, to share any suggestions/recommendations you may have. We are constantly looking at ways to improve your learning experience!

Why should I take this training?

Well, you probably will have this answer for yourself. Are you or your organization using Nintex Workflow Cloud to improve your business performance? Or you are contemplating if this is the right choice. Or you need just-in-time knowledge of various features in this product. Irrespective of the answer, we recommend you just dive into these courses!


  1. It is free for you
  2. Access it on the go, anytime, anywhere (Of course, internet is needed)
  3. Prepare for Workflow Automation Practitioner – Nintex Workflow Cloud certification
  4. Link your certificate on LinkedIn to share your achievement

Enroll yourself and experience the true power of a meaningful learning, while we work on more such trainings for you. We look forward to seeing you at Nintex University to continue your Nintex Process Platform learning journey. 

Please contact us directly at should you have questions or feedback.