Expert Courses Released - Nintex Workflow Cloud

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The learning team at Nintex is pleased to announce that we have released brand new On-demand courses for Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert Series. We now have a full array of courses for Nintex Workflow Cloud on demand if you need. Please take full advantage of these courses to learn all about this powerful platform.

The expert courses are now available on learn site as below:


Please note:

We have released 3 new expert courses and we recommend, that the users should navigate these courses in sequence as shown in the picture. However, if not sequentially, we strongly recommend that you start your learning journey by first visiting the Advanced Form Features course. This is the first recommended course since it is based on several foundational courses form the Practitioner course series. Do not forget to check the about your course section to know what the courses contain and know the learning objectives for each of them.

How are these courses designed?

Each course is carefully designed by learning experts to make sure that the training is simple to understand, engaging for our customers and is made interactive at various levels. The interactive element in each course is build keeping in mind to timely check the progress about the learning topics and provoke some interest. Few courses also have some do at your own pace exercise that you can do at your own pace.

Few courses have inbuilt simulations that are an added level of interactivity to get you to practice those skills right within the course. Above all, various multimedia like images, text, voice notes, mind maps and videos are all introduced in these courses to make your learning experience richer.

So, why wait? Get started by enrolling in these courses by clicking here.