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  • 15 February 2022
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How to use the Highlight changes option 



  1. Go to the Procedure view of a Process
  2. Either view the current published Process or view the current In Progress version of the Process
  3. Select Highlight Changes from the Cogwheel menu
  4. Then select the most suitable option - It will be one of the following options, depending on the Process you are currently viewing:
    • Compare to Current Published Process (when viewing the current In Progress version)
    • Compare to the Previous Published Process (when viewing the current published version)
    • Compare to Standard (when viewing a variation of a Process)


Additional Information

  • Changes shown in red and crossed out are parts of the Process that were part of the version you are comparing to however they aren't included in the version you are currently viewing.
  • The parts highlighted in green are parts of the Process that are in the current version however they aren't present in the version that is being compared.
  • Any parts not highlighted are unchanged between the two versions.

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