Workflow upgrade isn't working

  • 23 April 2021
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We are on SharePoint 2013 & Workflow version  I'm attempting to update to Workflow


I stopped the Nintex Workflow Start service and started the installer.  It took several hours and there was an error, "Job(s) was/were never created for solution Nintex Common Components (NintexCommon.wsp) upgrade, waited for 3600 seconds".  The Nintex Workflow Licensing page says I am still on version  There are no errors on the Solution Management page.  So I think the install didn't do anything.


I read in the form here that the installer would run faster if you clear the SharePoint Config Cache first.  I did that and ran installer again.  It was not faster; I got the same error and the Licensing page still says


What should I do?



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