Workflow SQL ISNULL Query Results

  • 24 March 2021
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I have a 2019 on prem workflow query against a data warehouse that appears to provide different results when the workflow runs as opposed to the 'run now' option within the workflow editor and the results when I execute the query in SQL. 


Originally I was getting a DBNull error which I figured I could resolve with an IFNULL statement, but when the workflow executes the action it seems to be replacing a non null value with the blank value I am trying to replace potential null values with. 


I am not a SQL guru, I barely get by with the help of Google, so perhaps this is just a misunderstanding of what I am trying to accomplish, which is to query the data warehouse and replace a NULL Received Date value with another value as to avoid the DBNull workflow error. 


Here is the workflow SQL query which pulls back a result that matches the data warehouse; 1/8/2019.



But when the workflow executes, it appears to replace the value with the ' ' value even though the value in the data warehouse is not null. I've tried both a txt and dat variable to store the data. 



Thanks in advance. 

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