Where is Nintex support in the community?

  • 20 March 2023
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I understand that a community is there where questions can be answered by other community members, but if there is no response for several days, is it not the responsibility of the vendor to answer these questions?

Do you still support this product Nintex or should we look for another product?

I did a search and was astonished to see no responses on all three items I opened.

I can’t think how it must be for these people eagerly looking for a solution….

Not that you’ll care (because hopefully you have automation in place to inform you), but here are the three questions I’m referring to:




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Hi @marlin,

I don't think Nintex views the community as a support platform, therefore there is no guarantee that posts will always be answered. I would recommend opening a support ticket via the Nintex customer central portal for questions that don't get answered in the community.

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Hi Prineel_V3

I’m not sure if you work for Nintex or not, but either way I think it is very disappointing that a company can have a portal and not even monitor it!

If I had a product, I would like to know what is happening with that product and these forums are the ideal way to do that. Why wait for support tickets, why not be pro-active?

I guess that is something they don’t really like because it means they have to actually do some work for their customers.


@Prineel_V3 - thanks for your feedback.

@marlin - I’m Kat Hall, and I oversee the Nintex Community.

As mentioned in our Nintex Community Update blog, we have recently changed platforms for the Nintex Community. Since the migration has been completed, the next step is to re-establish a cadence of answering questions in the Community. It’s not been as smooth as we’d hoped, but we’re taking the time to try and build the best experience possible.  

We will follow-up directly to learn more about your experience and share key learnings and next steps with the Nintex Community where it makes sense.