What happened with the old forum Posts?

  • 12 January 2023
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It's a little frustrating that when I do a Google search for a Nintex-related issue, each of those possible solutions isn't available.90% of those Google links take me to the main Community page.


What happened? Is there a solution?

3 replies

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Our community team is actively working on improving the search feature with assistance from the platform vendor. We are also actively updating Google Search Indexes, which should redirect you to the correct content.

In some instances, content has yet to migrate correctly, thus not appearing on the community search.

Please know we are working on resolving these issues with the highest priority, and we apologize for the frustration this has caused.

Best regards
Community team

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Until last week I could reach old posts via this domain
But today I find this page doesn’t exist any longer. For the amount of money we pay to Nintex, I expect to find all those old posts. Why are customers not informed about such a major change and possible workarounds? 


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This is more than “a little frustrating”, it makes it almost impossible to effectively get issues/questions resolved, especially when doing the same search attempted from “google” on the community page results in nothing.