Web request stays in "Executing"

  • 13 November 2020
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As the title says, I am trying to execute a Web Request to Authenticate to a web. I was working and suddenly one day, witht he same parameters, when we try the "Run Now" feature, it just stays as "Executing". 


It does not show any error and does not stop at any time (I have left it running for an hour). It was something that was finished in some seconds. 

Its a post web request, and it is correct since trying the same request with Postman works perfectly.


Any idea on what could be happening?


Thank you in advance.

4 replies

I have the same problem. What could it be?

Thank you in advance.

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Are there any errors that are coming through in the SharePoint ULS logs? This error most likely means that the web request is still waiting for a response from the end point, however that is most likely caused by the web request not actually "leaving" your intranet.

So a quick update, we think it has something to do with the security of our company, but haven't figured it out yet

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@aweber - Did you check the SharePoint ULS logs, as mentioned previously? That might shows you exactly where the web request is 'stuck'.