Using a Survey ID to populate a list / library for the 'Target Audience' of 'Created By'

  • 23 August 2021
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Hi all, (new to the community but I cannot find anything similar)


I have a survey with multiple confidential responses, each response has a survey ID with a Created By user. I am exporting the responses, analysing, turning them into a graph within a document and reuploading the documents into a library.


I would like to reupload these documents into a library / list (that has the same survey ID in the file name) that associates the ID in the file name to the Survey ID. Then change the Target Audience of the File so that only the same user the Survey Response was Created By (otherwise known as [Me]) so that only they can see it.


This seems quite complicated, I can further explain if needed. Any help is much appreciated!


0 replies

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