Use OAuth 2.0 Post request in workflow Web Request Action - SharePoint

  • 2 March 2023
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We till use the older version of Nintex workflow. 


How can I use this web request action in the workflow to make a Post request? My API consists of a client id and secret, I believe we need to create an access token first and then make a connection. 


Any ideas how do achieve this? 




1 reply

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I have worked with API’s that require a new access token with each request.

To do this in a workflow you firstly have to make a web service call to the api that issues the tokens.

The tokens are normally returned in an XML string.  You then use a query XML action to extract the token into a variable.

The token variable is then used in the header of a second web service call to do what you need to do with the web service / api.