Updating same document on Nintex on Premise (SharePoint) without the need to create copies

  • 24 March 2021
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I have a Nintex workflow that is used by our legal team for approval and signatures. The document is saved on a network share and each user is directed to that location where they sign the document - the document will have multiple signatures. 


However, when the second (and subsequent) users sign they must save the document with a different name. I need to keep one document with all the signatures



1 reply

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Is it a business requirement to save the file with a different name, or is that just what they are doing?  There are a couple of options that might help with this issue.  One option, if this is a Word document, they can turn on track changes in the document, and allow co-authoring.  Then instruct users to save the existing document and not save a new version any more.

If a business requirement is driving the users to save multiple copies of the document, you could use a document set to group all the copies of the document, and apply the workflow to the document set, rather than the actual document.  Workflow works great on document sets.