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  • 12 September 2022
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I have a workflow built from Form and create a list in SharePoint where all the columns in the list match the fields in the form.


Then i added a few columns in the SharePoint list only.


When i try to use Update items (MS SharePoint Online) task and connect the new fields (after several refreshes), only the old fields are shown up. 


What is the linkage logic between SharePoint and Nintex? Thanks.


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Hi @mjliu 


Once you add new columns to a SP List, just return back to the list and refresh it. Both Nintex Forms and Workflow will detect the new columns when you start them.


However if you have Nintex Workflow opened in one tab and use another tab to create the new columns. The Forms or Workflow will not detect the new columns. Close the Forms or Workflow.
You should just open a new tab for the updated list and start Forms or Workflow from there.

Hi Garrett, Thanks for the reply. Can I ask a follow-up question? I added Outcome in SP list and tried to link the status of an instance to the flow. Can I only do so by creating a variable in the workflow and add it as an updated item in the task Update items?

I have another question to link people to SharePoint, but it seems not work for a collection. I tried to create a string and set a variable but neither seems work. Could you please help? Thanks!
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Hi @mjliu 


 The 'Assign a task' is quite limited.

The Express mode allows you to capture an outcome variable (see at the bottom of the configuration).

However the Form mode, it does not capture the outcome in a variable, unless
a) you set the variable in the approve or reject branches of the action.
b) you set a field in the form to retrieve the Outcome value


It is strongly recommended to use the "Assign a task to multiple users" even when you have 1 participant. You can access the "First Response" "Outcome".


There you have it, 4 ways to receive the outcome value.

1. Express mode - Outcome variable

2. Form mode - DIY Outcome variable in Approve/Reject branches

3. Form mode - DIY Text field which is assigned the Outcome value using Form Rules 

4. Form mode "Assign a task to multiple users" - Outcome variable from First Response



Thanks vm Garrett. It is very helpful! I am wondering if it is possible to capture who completes a task and send it to SP list? without people having to manually type in their names in a form? it seems i can only send work initiator without extra manipulation. Thanks!
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Hi @mjliu 


This will only work for Authenticated user. Use Context - Current User Name / Email.



Thanks Garrett, which action can i use to extract the information? Thanks.

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hi @mjliu 


When you have a Form (For Authenticated Users only), you can access the Current User Name or Email .from the Context. 

You can fill the value into a Text, Email or People field  or use a form rule to fill the value


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Thank you vm.

Just to confirm the Context is the person who completes the task? How can this value be populated before the task is completed?

I found a field called task responder in the list, do you know if that would work too?

Thank you.

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Hey @mjliu 


The Task Responder value is only available after the task is completed.

Thanks vm! it is clear to me now.
Hi Garrett,
Wonder if i am able to capture the time a task is completed as well? Thank you.
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Hi @mjliu 


This is the last question for this thread


You need to manually capture the DateTime. 

Place a Variable action as the first item in the Yes/No branch.

Set the value to Context - Current Date or Current Date and Time


Thanks Garrett, could you pls help me understand what you mean by this "Place a Variable action as the first item in the Yes/No branch"?
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Thanks Garrett, it is very helpful.

I tried it and if I only need a rough date/time that completes a task, I can update items by referring to Context - DateTime directly without setting a variable - it will make the flow more simple.