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  • 26 May 2023
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So I am trying to update a field or set a field (I’ve tried both controls, but no luck) in a sharepoint list after a form is submitted (via workflow).

Once a form is submitted for an event (in nintex forms for office 365) a checkbox will appear afterwards, when the user goes in to edit if they want to cancel the event. I then have a workflow (nintex workflow for O365) waiting for the check box to be checked and if so, I’m trying to update the sharepoint column with “Yes”. In this case its a boolean since the control is Yes or No.

This is what I have… shouldn’t this work? Or am I missing something?









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Which forms designer is the form built in -- New Responsive, Responsive, or Classic?

Is the “Event Cancelled??” form control connected to a SharePoint list column? How is that control configured?

Your workflow steps seem a little redundant. If the form control is connected to a list column, then whatever the value is in the Yes/No checkbox will be automatically updated in the list every time a new form is submitted or an existing form is updated.

I am just trying to understand the workflow logic. It seems like the “Wait For Field Change in Current Item” will wait for the “Event Cancelled??” form field to be Yes and then the “Update List Item” will update that list column to Yes?  So if that “Event Cancelled??” form field is Yes, then the list column is already updated to Yes and the next “Update List Item” action seems like it’s doing the same thing?

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Hi @jpacheco 

The form is OK. → a checkbox will appear afterwards, when the user goes in to edit if they want to cancel the event. This isn’t a form issue after all/


Workflow (This is what I believe that you are doing)

Form submitted.
Workflow run → [Update List, Send Notification] → Setup Event
Workflow run (Second part) → [Awaiting Checkbox “Cancel Event” equals Tick/Yes]


Question: What happens if the user attended the event or the user didn’t bother or forgot to cancel the event? How does your workflow end? 
I feel that the workflow is left hanging waiting for the user to cancel the event.


An easier method to use is to create a second workflow which only runs when the “Cancel Event” checkbox is ticked (Value is Yes”)
Workflow 1 will handle all the activities to create the event. (Trigger on New Item)
Workflow 2 will handle all the activities to cancel the event. (Only trigger when Checkbox “Cancel Event” equals Tick/Yes)



Workflow 1 → Handler New Events.
Trigger or Workflow Start is when new Items are created


Workflow 2 → Handles Cancel Events
Trigger is When Item is modified
Event condition is “Cancel Event” is Yes

 Hope that helps

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Hi @jpacheco 
Did this help you solve your question?