Unable to get control to unhide properly with or rule

  • 24 April 2021
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Hi all,


Hoping someone can help as I am clearly getting my rule wrong. I have a control that I want to unhide if either part of a quality check fails (or both), after much research i came up with an or cluster:


or(not(contains(ProcessScore, "Fail")),not(contains(ServiceScore, "Fail")))


Unfortunately this only unhides the control when both fields fail, which is fine but I also need it to appear if one is set to Pass and the other Fail.


Any ideas? Many tha




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4 replies

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Hi @kindrex,

this means you want to hide the control if both quality checks are successful?

Something like 

not(contains(ProcessScore, "Fail")) && not(contains(ServiceScore, "Fail"))

should do the trick. If both ProcessScore and ServiceScore do not contain "Fail" hide the control, otherwise show it.


Hi @Tarf 


That worked perfectly for unhiding the control! The final step would be for me to add a validation rule, which I have done something similar when only referring to one control but as this is referring too two its being awkward


isNullOrEmpty(Remediation) && ProcessScore == "Fail" && ServiceScore == "Fail"


Any ideas? And thank you again!!

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Hi @kindrex 

your rule would only be applied if both Score fields contain "Fail".


I think this could work:

isNullOrEmpty(my-control) && (contains(ProcessScore, "Fail") || contains(ServiceScore, "Fail"))



Brilliant these both worked perfectly and I have learnt for next time thank you