Tabbed Interface Open / Closed jobs

  • 24 March 2021
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Hi there - I am new to Nintex and hoping someone can help.  I have a Nintex Form which records progress on tasks.  its a very simple form - it has one REPEATING panel called "Task", containing three fields "TaskTitle (single line field)", "Task Progress" (MultiLineField) and a Drop Down Choice "Yes/No".  (I am happy to change this to a Yes No Checkbox if it makes life easier) 


I have two Buttons at the top - Open Tasks, Complete Tasks.  


What I would like is for, when a task is complete (the "yes" option is chosen in the drop down field) the Panel hides under the "Open Tasks" button interface, and shows but is disabled under the "Closed tasks" interface.  Could anyone give me an idea on how to achieve this?  Thank you.  

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