Spell check in forms builder?

  • 19 January 2018
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I was looking for a way to run a spell check in the Forms builder to catch any errors in all of the label controls and panel names throughout a form.  It looks like this doesn't exist, or I am not looking in the right place.  Is this functionality available, and if not could this be considered for a future enhancement?

3 replies

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I've seen a couple of requests that are similar in uservoice, I'm assuming if there is an ability in the future to use the browser spell check, then it would be possible to spell check those labels. 

Allow SharePoint spell checking to be turned off so that built in browser/OS spell check can be used – Customer Feedback… 

 Spell check support – Customer Feedback for Nintex 

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Thanks for finding those, Christine!  I voted and added a comment. :-)

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Our users are requesting this now too. I tested in my browser, turned on the browser's spell check and it does not work in the Nintex Form for Office 365 (new responsive designer).