Site workflow to update SharePoint list with items from user profile

I am new to site workflows and dont have the query user profile action.


I have a list workflow that when a  item is created Nintex automatically pulls info (department name, manager name etc) from the user profile via update item action and set field equals user profile then I  pick the field I want from the user profile and for value and it to the name of the person listed in the people picker field.


I want to build a site workflow so it can be scheduled. I tried following the same steps that I did for the list workflow but theres no option ot the select the persons name that is listed in the people picker field as a value.


Not sure if this is correct, but would I have to  first use query  list action and select the fields I want  changed then store each in a collection variable. Then do a "for each action"  then "update field" action and have each field collected in the collection updated by setting it to equals user profile then value equals the person name listed in the people picker field?


Unfortunately I cant post screen shots because its on my work computer and cant violate company policy 


I apologize if im unclear. Im am just looking for a way to make a site workflow that pulls department, name, manager name etc from the user profile and stores it in a  single line text filed already on sharepoint


any help would be appreciated


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