Sharepoint 2013 Workflow send mail to group mail in cc

  • 11 November 2022
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Hello everybody,

my workflow should send an mail to a person and to a group e-mail adress in blind cc. The person gets the mail, the group not. I tried a lot of different options in the Workflow. Nothing worked.

If I put the group mail directly in the "on" field, than the mail is getting send. If I put my mail adress in the cc or bcc field I get the mail.

What can I do, I'm clueless.


1 reply

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Hey, @Sandy2 first you have to save all the Email IDs to the collection variable and then use For each Loop action to store Target Collection data in another Variable.

Use that store variable in Email cc to send mail in the group.


varEmpEmail -Type - Collection

varIndividualEmailId - Type - Single Line of Text.


Thank you!