Send notification to specific people based on a column of a SharePoint list

  • 27 March 2021
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I'm new to Nintex, so I'm sorry in advance for my "rawness" of knowledge on it. 

I'm working with a list of IT requests in SharePoint, that contains all the requests ever made. Also, in the list there's a column that indicates the system of each request - we have something about 15 systems. 

I have to create a workflow that sends a notification to the system's owner when a new item (in this case, the IT tickets) of their system is added to this list. Is there a way i can do it? If yes, please, ELI5.  


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You can reate a second list "SystemOwner" with 2 columns: System (Title) and Owner (PeoplePicker) with item for each system and the systemowner


In the workflow you use a variable called  "SystemOwner" and set it to the value (return as displayname) "Owner"  in list "SystemOwner" where "System" eq "System" in your request item.