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  • 17 April 2023
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Hello - We use SharePoint 2016 platform on premise. I configured a workflow settings based on “Start when items are modified” condition, then filter condition Document status = Final and Modified (previous value)  not equal Modified. Is there a way to run a approval workflow if the existing document modified? Thanks for your help.


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SharePoint does not recognise a change in a document as a change in an item so it will not trigger a workflow based on a document change.  A solution would be to have a scheduled workflow run periodically on the library to check for modifications and trigger a workflow if one is found. 

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Hi SimonMuntz - Did you mean to schedule workflow run if a document’s properties changed? Thanks.

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Schedule a workflow to run every hour for example. The workflow queries the library looking for changes to items in the last hour.  If it finds an item that has been changed it either runs a set of actions on the item or triggers another workflow to run on the item.

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I have a site workflow that is scheduled to run every day for updating a date field in SharePoint document library but the site workflow paused if a document checked out by a user. How can I have a site workflow runs even though a document checked out? Thanks.

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HI.  You are you able to use the “Wait for check out status change” action which waits for the the document to be checked in before the workflow continues?

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Thank you. I will try that. 

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Hi @YV 
Did this resolve your issue?