Return Type: Email Addresses semi-colon delimited coercion failure

  • 26 August 2021
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Hi all!

I am trying to get email addresses for a list workflow and am receiving a Coercion Failure Message in the Set variable operation.


Workflow variables:

Email - string

currentOwners - Person or Group


I have Set: 'Email' equals Workflow Data currentOwners then I click the ... elipse to select Return Type. Return type of Email addresses, semi colon delimited throws the coercion error. I've tried making a emailBig variable that's multi lines of text in case length is an issue, but I get the same results.


Supporting Information: SharePoint/Nintex 2019.

List: System

Field: Owners - Person or Group - Multipeople allow, people only


List: UAT

Field: SystemId - number


The workflow runs on the UAT list and uses the foreign key systemId field to get the Owners from the System list and stores those in a Person or Group Nintex variable, currentOwners.


Any ideas what's up?





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