Receiving Multiple Emails From Workflow

  • 13 September 2022
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Hi all, I am currently struggling with a problem with my workflow as when it is completed, rather than sending one email to all the senders, it sends 2. I want it so it only sends one email when the workflow is completed. There are currently 3 recipients in the notification. If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to message me and I will be happy to provide. 


I've attached a snippet of the workflow. 




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11 replies

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Hi @professorproton 


You have 2 Email Notification actions in the image.


Which is the correct Email Notification to trigger when the workflow is completed?

What is the condition of the "Run if"


Hi Garrett, thank you for your quick reply. 


The 2 notification boxes contain different people. The person assigned to the first notification box, will get the email regardless, however the person assigned to the second notification box will only get the email IF there is an attachment in the form. 


I hope this helps... 

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Hi @professorproton 


So who is getting the 2 emails?



- Wait for Item update

- Send Email to Person assigned in 1st Notification

- RUN IF (Form has Attachment)

    - Send Email to Person assigned in 1st Notification,  Person assigned in 2nd Notification


Do you want  Person assigned in 1st Notification to only get 1 email?

if Yes, Then I would recommend you to use a Conditional Branch



Yes, this is what I would like. To my knowledge I believe the first person should only get the email once, she shouldn't get the email if there is an attachment. If you can spare the time, how would I go about setting a conditional Branch?
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Hi @professorproton 


Here is the final workflow (done in nintex workflow 0365)


1. Add a Conditional Branch action to your workflow.

2. Configure it as how you configure the Run-If

3. Move the Run-If Email (and any other actions) to the YES branch

4. Move the first (top) to the NO branch.

5. Remove the empty Run-If (if there are items here, it should go to the YES branch)


That should do the trick.

Add a Log to History to each branch to verify that the flow is working correctly


Hi Garret, thank you for your solution. I've been putting it together and have noticed that with the conditional branch, the person on the 'no' branch will not be emailed if the person on the "yes" branch is, however I need the person on the 'no' branch to be emailed regardless, and the one of the 'yes' branch to be emailed only when the condition is met. 


I hope this makes sense, please let me know if you need any clarity. 

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Hi @professorproton 


Sorry but I'm confused?

Isn't the email in the YES branch going out to the both recipients?


According to you, When the RUN-IF is triggered, the 1st recipient gets a second email.


Anyway, its easy to fix. You just need to decide who should get notified and add the names into the email To field
NO - John, Ion
YES - John, Ion, Lisa, Proton 


That should solve the issue

Sorry, it took a minute to get my head around that but finally got there, I will test the solution now. Thank you Garrett..

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Did you manage to solve it?

Hi Garrett, yes, apologies for the slow reply and thank you very much for your support 🙂

It sounds like you may have multiple email notifications set up in your workflow that are sending multiple emails when the workflow is completed. Based on the workflow snippet you've provided, it appears that you are using a "Run If" action to determine when to send the email notification. To correct this issue, you can use a "Conditional Branch" action instead of the "Run If" action. This will allow you to control the flow of your workflow and ensure that only one email notification is being sent.

You can follow these steps:

  1. Add a Conditional Branch action to your workflow.
  2. Configure the condition for this action to match the conditions for when the email notification should be sent.
  3. Move the email notification action and any other necessary actions to the "Yes" branch of the Conditional Branch.
  4. Move any other actions that should not be executed when the email notification is sent to the "No" branch.
  5. Remove any empty "Run If" actions that are no longer needed.
  6. Adding a log to history to each branch will help you verify that the flow is working correctly and export linkedin contacts to excel.