Random match items from list A to list B when item created in list B

  • 30 September 2022
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I need to set up a workflow where I have List A exists with information and List B will be filled when a form is submitted. I need to match two items from list A with each submission in list B, and then update List A assigned column to yes.


For example:

List A has the following fields: title | choice | other y/n | assigned y/n

List B has: title | choice | list A match 1 | list A match 2


Fields I need to update in List B:

- list A match 1 = an item from list A where other y/n = yes

- list A match 2 = an item from list A where other y/n = no

- both matches must have different information in the choice field to what is in the choice field for that item in list B. The two matches can have the same or different information in the choice field, but must both be different to the list B choice field. 


Once an item in List A has been matched to an item in List B, the assigned field it ticked yes and this item is no longer available to be added to list B.


I'm not sure how to go about this, any guidance or hints at where to start would be super helpful!


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