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  • 1 February 2023
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I am using the “Convert URL or HTML to PDF” workflow action in a list, in conjunction with Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint to batch print list items (Nintex Forms).  When I run the workflow, it converts the page to a .pdf as expected, however it also prints the SharePoint Toolbar.  I do have a “Print to PDF” button on the Nintex form using JavaScript, and if I use that, it prints perfectly, without the Toolbar.  However, in order to use the Print to PDF button, I have to open each form individually and click the “Print to PDF” button.  I have hundreds of lists items (Nintex Forms) that I would like to print.  Is there a way to configure the Convert URL or HTML to PDF workflow action to accomplish this?  Or is there a way to programmatically use the “Print to PDF” function for multiple list items without having to open each list item?  


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