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  • 10 May 2023
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I am using SharePoint 2019 OnPrem and trying to create a Nintex form that uses Panels to break up the form into sections. In the previous version, I used Buttons to call up the different panels but in 2019, Nintex has assigned specific functions to the Buttons. Is there another way to break up the form into logical sections?


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7 replies

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There should be no difference on Nintex forms between SharePoint versions.
In fact you could export a form from an old version and import into the new.
Is the issue that you were using a classic form and are now using a responsive form?

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Thank you for your reply! The difference is that I used to use buttons to select the different panels but now the buttons field only has four options, save, save and submit, save and continue or cancel. I cannot assign buttons to my various panels as before. Further, the panels that I created do not show up under the Item Properties under the Insert Reference section. 

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@mmcaldwell Are you using a classic or a responsive form?

Are you using the same form type in 2019 as you were in the previous version?

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What you can do is add Yes/No columns to the Nintex form and add a visibility rule to the panel that links to the Yes/No column. This hides the panel behind the Yes/No checkmark, so users can click the checkmark to see more. The rule would be something like


and then link that to visibility of the panel. I think it says Hide in the rules tab. So if the checkmark is clicked, Checkmark will evaluate to Yes/True, so not(Checkmark) will evaluate to No/False, and then the rule will stop hiding the panel. You can put these checkmarks in between the sections.

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Hi @mmcaldwell did these solve your question?

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Yes, my mistake was that I needed to set the field up as a Choice field and then set the ‘Render as buttons’ to ‘Yes’. I was trying to use the Button Control. Thank you!

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Happy you got it working!