Nintex Workflow Notifications emails not sending for one user all of a sudden.

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello all and Happy New Year!
I have a client using SharePoint 2013. No changes have been made to the workflow design in over 2 years. All users who are included in the workflow design/logic receive their workflow notification emails without issue. For one user, they get the workflow task assigned to them, but the email never is sent to them. The on-prem team checked their Exchange servers and see the emails sent for all users but this one particular user.

I created a simply workflow with a send notification and hard-coded this user's information via people picker. I ran it against one of the eInvoices in their list. They received the notification email from the workflow. It's been close to a month since this has started. I had the user try setting up the user profile sync service to connect to their AD and refresh the user information but this did not help.


Thoughts anyone?



2 replies

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You can  add a "Run If" action if the user the email is intended for is the user that gets the errors and then hardcode a send notification email with their name inside of the Run If. 

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The workflow logic has not changed in 2 years and somewhere in December, this one particular user stopped receiving the actual Nintex workflow notification emails indicating something has been assigned to them. All other users get their notifications as intended.

The request review task being assigned to this individual is also being assigned to another user that second user is getting the notification. I suspect it might be an issue with the users' profile in SharePoint.