Nintex Subscription Usage Report double-counting some workflows (On Prem)

  • 31 January 2023
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The Nintex Subscription Usage Report available via on-premises SharePoint Central Administration > NINTEX > LIcensing is displaying and double-counting a couple of workflows.  I’ve checked it over the past few days and it is not correcting itself.  Is there anything I can do to force it to re-do its inventory?


We are licensed for 10 Production Workflows and it thinks that is what we have, but the true count is only 8 because it’s double-counting 2 workflows.  It shows the same metadata values in the repeats (Workflow name, Site relative URL, Production/Development, Billable Actions, and Total Actions), so it’s not as if I can go anywhere to delete the “extra” workflows...

1 reply

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In our environment, if you make a template from a list with Nintex workflows on it, and subsequently create a new list from the template, if you look at the new list’s Nintex workflows via SharePoint Ribbon > List tab > Nintex Workflow, you will not see any workflows.  (They also don’t show up under Site settings > Nintex Workflow.)

However, they are there, under the SharePoint Ribbon > List tab > Workflow Settings.  Delete them there unless you want them to be double-counted using the original list’s metadata in your license report.