Nintex Start a Site Workflow using a URL and pass a start variable

  • 29 November 2022
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Using SharePoint 2016 on premises, Need the correct syntax for URL that will start a site workflow and pass a string value to a workflow variable. I have searched this Community in several ways and not found the solution.

I have a List Item Workflow that creates a To-Do Task for someone to complete. It sends that individual an email notification. The end result is to have the individual simply click a link in the email notification that will start a site workflow to mark the task as Completed.

I can add a link to the task itself (using the Common:ApprovalURL), but the task form does not open correctly on the individuals iPhone (I have tried creating a Classic Nintex form for mobile/iPhone, a Responsive form, etc. The Out-of-the-Box generic form is the one that displays and it doesn't fit the small screen. If you select to display as it would on a regular computer browser, it's difficult to see and does not center on the screen. The site has elected not to use the Nintex phone apps and so it launches in the default browser.)

I have a site workflow that will find the correct workflow task and complete it using a start screen variable to point to the correct task.

If I could have a link on the email notification that would start the site workflow and pass the start screen variable without displaying the Start Screen, it would solve my issue.

Simplified work process:

  • List Item created -> starts new item workflow that creates a T-Do-Task for a different individual.

  • Individual receives email notification with all task information included -> completed the physical task.

  • Clicks link in the email notification that would start the site workflow to mark the task completed.

What I need is the URL to finish the 3rd step.

What I have so far is the URL copied from the Start Site Workflow page for this particular workflow:

https://{site}/_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/StartWorkflow.aspx?TemplateID={template}&Source=https://{url to template}

I've tried adding &VariableName="StringValue" to the end of this URL, but it takes me to the Start Page with a field for the variable value to be entered. If I manually enter the value needed, the workflow marks the correct Workflow Task as Completed just like I want. Then end user will not know the value to type in so I need it to be in the URL and the workflow to launch with very little end user effort.

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