Nintex Responsive - File Upload - Minimum SharePoint Permissions

  • 10 April 2021
  • 3 replies

I created a form with the File Upload control. Our users have Visitor permissions which have been modified to allow adding new list and document library items. However, when they submit, they are receiving an "Unable to upload files." error. What are the minimum SharePoint permissions required for a user to upload a file to the form? I tried to change it to Contribute but that didn't work either.

3 replies

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@NMoreno If there is no formatting rule applied to your form control? If not and if your user has edit permission then you should be fine. Also please do check the file size too. If it's too big then it won't let you upload the file.

@NMoreno , @kunalpatel  I am experiencing the same issue.  It's true that if they have Edit rights, it should just work, but they do NOT have Edit rights.  Like NMoreno, I have adjusted the permission for visitors so that they can ADD items to this list but cannot do anything else.


I suspect that the issue somehow is that the initial creation of the item happens before the attachment is added, and that adding the attachment is considered an edit... but I am only suggesting this because I can't imagine what else it would be.


Anyone have thoughts or additional information?

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Has there been a solution to this? I’m currently experiencing the same issue with one NWC/NAC form in particular. I’ve tried submitting items, and I have “full control” over the list.


The way I found around it is exporting the form again from the previous environment (dev) and importing again into the current environment. Then doing a publish. It worked.