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Hello All,

I had an issue with one of our SharePoint 2016 lists with a Nintex form that caused the form to not load properly due to some web part error (I can’t get the error to show back up). So I thought I could just start fresh and delete the web-part and re-add it. I went in and added a Web Part > Nintex Forms > List form, which asks for an Item ID. I’d obviously want the Item ID to load the current item selected and not a fixed ID to load. Any help would be appreciated as I’ve been stumped on this for hours!


I’ve tried making a template of the list and creating a new one with that template with the same issue. I tried to delete the form entirely from the Nintex Form menu, but then I get a message saying I need Nintex to view this item. 

I was thinking I would like to just wipe the form.aspx settings somehow and try to re-publish the form? Just not sure how to go about that as a Site Collection Admin. 


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Hi @Tyler East,


The Nintex List Form webpart should be used in combination with a SharePoint List webpart.
The idea is that you select an item from the list webpart and it populates the form webpart.

Instructions on how to configure this are in the help files here :

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Hi @Tyler East 
Did you solve your question?