Nintex Form Attachment not showing up on SharePoint List

  • 14 May 2024
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Good Day All,


I have a Nintex form on our SharePoint that we use to take in training requests. When a user submits a form, a row is added to a list in our SharePoint.  The form requires that the user adds an attachment (listing the names and email addresses for the trainees) to the form. However, some of the submissions do not show the attachment in the list.  I have confirmed that the users are submitting the form with the attachment. However, the attachment does not appear on the list, and we have to go back to the user and requests that they send the attachment via email. What can I do to resolve this issue? 







1 reply

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Did you assign a task to its users ? 

Did they use the task form to upload the attachment ? 

if yes, the attachment is added on the task item, that why you can’t see the attachments on your sharePoint list. 

In your workflow after the task completion, your should copy the task attachment to the main item.