Multiple instances of a worflow getting trigerred

  • 1 November 2023
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Hi Team,


We have Nintex workflows deployed in SharePoint 2013 On premise application.  Kindly assist with the below queries regarding the workflows

  1.  There is a “Start Workflow” action in Workflow A which triggers Workflow B. Once Workflow B got completed,  instead of proceeding to the next step in Workflow A, a second instance of Workflow B is  triggered and is getting errored with the message “Failed to start Workflow B as another instance is running on the item”.  So, how can we prevent the second instance of workflow B from getting triggered
  2.  Also, we have observed slowness in the execution of workflow actions. Nintex Workflow History list has more than 100,000 items. Will deleting some items from the workflow improve the workflow execution speed. Also, will there be any impact in deleting the items from Nintex Workflow History list.

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Hi @Hepzibah Jeevarani,

Nintex does not have a History List.  You must be referring to SharePoint's History List. SharePoint does not recommend exceeding 5000 items in their lists, so 100,000 items is too many. You will either need to purge this history list or create a new one and direct your workflows to use the new history list.
Doing this may also resolve the first issue of triggering multiple workflow instances.