Multiple filter in lookup function on Nintex Form

  • 28 November 2017
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Hi Nintex Gurus,


Can we have two filters in one lookup function like filter on Title and Created columns in lookup function on Nintex Form


lookup("Test", "Created", Current Date "Title" )

lookup("Test", "Title", Title, "Title" )


can we combine above both filters in one lookup function.


Pseudo query will be return Title from a sharepoint list where Title is strSomeString and Created  is equal to Current Date. 

6 replies

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it depends what you want to do with the result. Both lookup functions return text so you can combine it in a formula control:

lookup("Test", "Created", Current Date "Title" ) + lookup("Test", "Title", Title, "Title" )

will put both text values right after another. You can place a space in between by doing this:

lookup("Test", "Created", Current Date "Title" ) + " " + lookup("Test", "Title", Title, "Title" )

Is this helpful?

Best regards



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Hi Enrico i don't have combine output of both formula. I am looking for solution to add both filters in one lookup function, have a look at above Pseudo query.

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You mean something like this?

lookup("Test", "Created", Current Date, lookup("Test", "Title", Title, "Title"))


Never tried it but it should work.

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Hi Enrico,

I want to get Title if both created date = Current Date and Title = entered value

Is there an answer to this?   I am looking at a need for the same thing.

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My workaround was to create a third column in LookupList.  A workflow fires on adds and edits so:

column3 = column1 + " | " + column2

In my case column1 and column2 were both text and I could be sure neither would ever contain a "|".

Then in the form, I had a lookup containing the values of column1 and a lookup containing the values for column2.  Then I had several calculation fields that return column4 & other columns in that list.  That calculation was like this:

lookup("LookupList","column3",trim(parseLookup(lookupColumn1)+" | "+parseLookup(lookupColumn2)),"column4")