Multi-Line (Text Large) Text Concatenated in Wehn Field is in Read Ony Mode

  • 16 April 2023
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Hello Community,


I am working with Nintex New Responsive Designer, and I have created a SharePoint Online Modern list.  The form has a “Text-Long” field, that is in Read Only mode, and the formatting of the field is Rich Text.  Additionally, the text in the Text-Long form is populated dynamically by a Power Automate workflow.


Here is a screen shot of the field with data in it, and in read-only mode:


Here is the screen shot of the field with data in it, and in edit mode:


Here is the actual HTML behind the field:

<b>Award Letter Link:</b> @{triggerOutputs()?['body/Link_x0020_to_x0020_Award_x0020_']}</br>
<b>Award Letter Tasks:</b></br>
<li> Ensure the supporting documents are included: SHARE Commitment 
 Control, Appropriation (State), and/or GAN (Federal)</li>
<li> Review the award memo at the link provided for accuracy</li>
<li> Approve/Decline/Send back to reviewer for corrections</li>
<li> Change the Task "Completion Status" to "Complete"</li>


My question is this - How can I make the field in read only mode appear spaced, or not concatenated as it does now, and yet still be in the edit only mode?





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Hi @Tom Molskow


Hard to say exactly without looking at the HTML as it is generated but my guess is the designer control is adding additional paragraph tags for each line that is adding the spacing or there is different styles for paragraphs in edit vs view mode.


Technically speaking the read-only view is more true to the actual HTML you provided as the </br> only indicates a single new line, see below a raw generation using the HTML.



When I attempted to re-create this I get the following HTML in both edit and read-only, both with the same line-height of 14.

<div class="ExternalClass715551BE72C94C18B4CA3BADE7032D7E">
<p>This is my item</p>


As this HTML does not match your own I would think that whatever the PA flow is generating into the field perhaps doesn't match this formatting, perhaps give reserve engineering a try, create the content structure and design you wish just using the Nintex Rich Text field, then when you publish that form, manually gather the HTML structure using the DOM Inspector (F12)

Once you have the code structure then alter the output of the PA Flow to mimic it exactly, then fingers crossed everything should look the same.


Alternatively if you want more accurate true html view I would always suggest using a label as this will represent HTML exactly.

do you have a need in this case to allow the task instructions to be editable on the form? If the answer is no then the Label is the best option.


Hope this helps