Mapping 2 form fields to one column

  • 18 July 2023
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I have a lookup column that I use on a Nintex Mobile form. The list of values is fairly long, and occassionally the field personnel cannot find the value they are looking for,  I want to add an additional field - like an “Other” on a normal choice field.  This is not an option on a lookup, so I thought I would add a checkbox - “enter value” - which would disable and hide the lookup, and make available a free form entry field.


Both the lookup and the text field would be mapped to the same SharePoint column.  Is this possible?  I know I have done in the past, and it seemed like an issue, and I don’t recall ever figuring out the “trick” to make it work.

Thanks in advance!


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I would not recommend mapping two controls to the same list column. That could definitely cause some issues,

Try creating a third control (maybe a hidden text control) that maps back to the list column. You can use rules on the form to populate that third control based on if the dropdown or other field is populated.

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I like it!  Use a calculated value mapped back to the form.  Thanks!