List Lookup Needs to Filter in Look Up List order in Dropdown vs Alpha Order

  • 24 August 2021
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I have a classic on prem form for SharePoint 2013 where I have a look up used for a cascading lookup below it which is working fine.  The issue I am having is my look up list is showing up in alpha order and I need it to show up "Calendar Month" view or as it shows up in my look up list.

My look up list is this:


Then in the form the look up is this:


But the Dropdown is like this:


How can I get this to view in "Calendar Order" or as it shows in look up list.



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6 replies

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u have to enter ur listview name here:



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So I have tried putting the Qtrly Request Month Column, the Actual look up column and nothing works.  Still displays same.

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The source view should be: Calendar Month or Calender Order (dont know how ur view is named)


U have to enter the name of the view 🙂

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Sorry I am not understanding.  My look up list is shown above and the column I need and that order is Month of Request.  I have the Lookup control on page but that is attached to a Single Line text field called Qtrly Request Month.  Does that help?

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U wrote: "I need it to show up "Calendar Month" view"


So thats ur "source view": Calender Month 🙂




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Ahhhh Ok, you got me on the right path but it is tricky because you have to un-connect field first to get to the list info.

then you re-connect field and it hides all this so that is what was messing me up.