List copied -> workflows copied as well (NOT wanted)

  • 28 April 2021
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Hi there,


We currently have a problem with one of our lists. There are two workflows configured on this list:




But as soon as I want to start a workflow, I receive the following overview:




As you can see, there are more workflow displayed. We assume that this is due to the fact, that we have initially copied this list (as we now observe with workflows :o).

How can we get rid of them, it seems that this is confusing the complete workflow system here?!





Best answer by kunalpatel 5 May 2021, 07:39

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@mai-kel have you tried to go into List's Ribbon --> Workflow Settings --> Remove, Block, or Restore a Workflow --> Select Remove if you want to remove the workflow from that list or click no new instance if you don't want to trigger any new instances of the workflow but want to keep the workflow.