Issue when making changes in sharepoint Forms



I have create a form few months ago, so there is lot of data that are saved in the sharepoint list.


But now, we ask me to make some changes.


But I have got a big issue that prevents me to do them : 

When I make a change, the forms that are already saved with the first form take the changes too.


Does someone have a solution for that the changes are only implemented on the new items ?






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Hi Thomas,


1. You could enable content types on your list as different content types can use different forms to display the items. Meaning you would have to use 2 content types, 1 for the existing items and 1 for items to be created in the future. You should be able to create/manage seperate forms for each content type you have.


2. You could archive the current list with all the items. Create a copy of your list (without copying items of course) and change your form as required and use this as the new active list.


Could this be an option for you?



Hi Philipp,


Thanks for your answer.


Finally, I have done 2 versions of the form in the same form that are filtering by radio buttons (Version 1/Version 2).

For the old form, I've set the radio on "Version 1" that permits to mask the new version and keep the old. And I did the opposite for the second version.


I didn't know the content type, I will learn about it because it seems to be a better solutions !


For your second proposition, I can't archived the old form because he must be accessible to finish the work on.


Thanks a lot !