Internal Nintex Form on SharePoint Edited by External Party

  • 8 September 2021
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Ideal solution: 

Internal Nintex form built within SharePoint site gets started by Internal employee, but is able to get edited by vendor who is an external party. 


I have built the form within Nintex and added a trigger within the workflow so that if the vendor is an external vendor, then an email that contains the Nintex cloud form URL gets sent over to them . The form was mimic' d within Nintex Cloud as well. I cannot figure out how I can make it so that the original form started on SharePoint is the one the external vendor will see on the email notification link. 


How do I make it so that the form is linkable within the email notification, editable and accessible to the external parties and the data submitted by this external party be captured by the original form and the SharePoint List?

2 replies

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Hey @TreV ,


has the vendor from the external party the permissions to do this?


If so u can use a build in nintex workflow function to get the URL from the element the workflow is started from:



 The link will look like this: https://ur-sharepoint/Lists/urlistname/DispForm.aspx?ID=1 


If u want to link directly to the edit form then u would have to change the link accordingly via regular expression to EditForm instead of DispForm.

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Hello and thank you for your response. The team figured it out! 


We started a SharePoint New list Item workflow. Within here we added a condition that if the vendor was marked as external, we would send an email notification that included a URL to the form. Within the email, we hyperlinked copy and used the "Item URL" as the address for it to go to.