I want to see the FULL Workflow History

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Nintex WF History is ridiculously limited in terms of displaying large data elements such as all the items in a Collection on a single line (a stupid small 255 character limit).

Is there any way (a file, a DB query, etc) that I can edit and where I can see the FULL logs?





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Hi @Jacko,

In these situations, users will write the variable to a Multi lines of text column in SharePoint. Another method is to send the variable contents in an email.
You may be able to query the workflow progress table in the Nintex database, but its possible that the data may be cut off there as well.

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Hi @Jacko did this response help answer your question?

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The response is a solution - however torturous...I don’t see how a complex workflow can be quickly debugged with such sad feedback where I have to do backflips just to see what’s really happening...