Hyperlink field broken

  • 18 April 2023
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I have created a hyperlink field in the sharepoint document library and updated the hyperlink field manually. After updating the hyperlink field i just published and approved the document. In this case before approval and after approval i don't face any issue with broken links.

Coming to the nintex where the sharepoint document library hyperlink field updating via nintex. After updating the hyperlink field i am able to open the link without any issue and sometime when i publish and approve the document i am not able to open hyperlink and getting page not found error.

May i know what could be the reason and why its behaving in such a way?

Is there any way to frame the sp Hyperlink field via Nintex?
Its bit urgent. Could you please help me to resolve this issue :)

2 replies

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Hi @Thotada Prameela 
Have you managed to resolve this issue? 

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Are you able to provide an example of a working URL and a non-working URL.